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Innovative KULT Kitchen Tools

Would you like to take a break from the mundane, daily tasks to make some time for your friends, family, and yourself?

Preparing and enjoying a meal is one of the best ways to spend time together. We’re so familiar with that „just right” feeling during a stimulating conversation about what’s happening today, recalling yesterday, or planning tomorrow.

Would you like to have all the necessary tools for a distraction-free experience when you’re in the kitchen, at the grill, or on the picnic blanket with your loved ones?

We’re here to make these wishes come true. At KULT, we’re very glad to help you choose a handy kitchen gadget you never knew you wanted or find new uses for the ones you already had. We have a collection of gadgets that will turn each day into a holiday. We’ve hand-picked a variety of kitchenware, all of which have superb quality, sublime design, and smart technical solutions – all this, while still remaining very practical and convenient.

We believe that with the right tools, any enthusiast will become a true master of the culinary crafts, always able to delight others. After all, don’t you feel inspired to cook, to experiment, and to achieve much more when your loved ones appreciate your cooking?

KULT offers excellent German and Swiss brands such as GEFU, WMF, Unold, AMT Gastroguss, and Bamix. Our favourite – the awesome GEFU kitchen gadgets – they will change the way you think about cooking and encourage you to look at kitchenware differently. With these, an entirely new way of cooking will enter your home, if you allow yourself the creative freedom.

Longing for change? You’ll have to take the first step yourself – visit us at the kitchenware salon KULT!


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